How to use this resource

Science in the Classroom has several features that help educators and students dissect the advanced science in each paper.

Educator walkthrough


Student walkthrough


  1. The learning lens is on the left sidebar of each paper and is the source of annotations. Click on a category to highlight portions of the text, then click on the highlighted text to view the annotations. There are seven categories of annotations: Glossary, Previous work, Author's experiments, Results and conclusions, News and policy links, Learning standards, and References and notes.
  2. Learning notes are designed to help students deconstruct the methods and data analysis contained in each figure. 
  3. References are annotated to demonstrate the dynamic accumulation of knowledge in the field and to emphasize the ongoing nature of the research.
  4. Data activities accompany some papers and use real data provided by the study authors. These activities allow students to use the same data analysis techniques used in the paper.
  5. Each paper has an educator guide that includes suggestions for classroom use, a summary of the article and its connections to the nature of science, connections to STEM learning standards and frameworks, and discussion questions.