Robert Smith

Headshot of Robert Smith


Robert Smith earned a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Florida State University and a PhD in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. During his career in the technology industry, he has worked at the intersection of nanotechnology and digital data storage utilizing computational modeling to advance technology breakthroughs. He also works to promote environmental sustainability in the technology industry and STEM education in underrepresented communities.


1)  What is your favorite thing about science (and why)? 

My favorite thing about science is its ability to change our understanding of the world. It challenges our preconceived ideas and reshapes our perspectives. For example, there was a time when humans believed the sun was a light revolving around the Earth, but science has opened our eyes to the heliocentric (the sun is at the center) reality of our solar system. Today we understand that the majesty of the universe extends far beyond planet Earth. Science has given us opportunities to do so much more good than we thought possible. That is quite remarkable!

2) If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

My chosen superpower would be the ability to exist in multiple locations at once. That way I would not have to choose between reading the most interesting books, watching the latest movies, or exercising. No more priorities. I can do it all!

Annotated Emergence of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer