Kaitlin Wilcoxen


What is your field and why did you choose it?

I am a neuroscientist. Specifically, I work on brain-computer interfaces, devices which can use a person's brain activity to control an external device, like a computer. Brain-computer interfaces can allow paralyzed people to regain a measure of control over their environment and daily activities. I chose this field because I was always interested in neuroscience and the brain control of movement, but wanted to apply that knowledge to clinical problems, to make peoples' lives better.


Tell us a bit about your career path.

I studied Biology at Geneseo, a New York State school. While at Geneseo, I spent a summer working in Dr. Blair Calancie's neurosurgery lab at Update Medical University. There I got my first experience with clinical neuroscience research and was absolutely fascinated. I went on to get a Master's in Clinical Neuroscience from University College London, and then came to Brown University to get a PhD in Neuroscience.


Any advice for students interested in STEM?

Never be afraid to ask questions -- it's okay not to understand something.


What's your passion project/hobby outside of work?

I swam competitively through college and continue to enjoy athletics. Now, I do CrossFit and rock climb.

Annotated Reducing the Gender Achievement Gap in College Science: A Classroom Study of Values Affirmation