Suzette Timmerman

Headshot of Suzette Timmerman provided by University of Alberta.

Currently, a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta. Her interests lie in the field of mantle geochemistry, subduction processes & elemental recycling, and fluid-rock interactions & metasomatism. Dr. Timmerman uses stable and radiogenic isotope analyses to study when diamonds form, the influence of recycled material, the composition of the mantle and volatile cycles (carbon, noble gases) through time. I enjoy developing (chemistry and mass spec) methods and improving blanks to analyze smaller samples. For my Banting post-doctoral fellowship I look at 'Tracing Earth's deep carbon cycle: integrating geochemical and geochronological analysis of super-deep inclusions and their diamond hosts as a step to track carbon mobility in the transition zone and lower mantle.'

Associated papers
Primordial and recycled helium isotope signatures in the mantle transition zone