Volunteer for Science in the Classroom

Join the Science in the Classroom team!  

Are you interested in sharing your science knowledge with aspiring scientists? If so, consider contributing to the enhancement of science education by making research papers accessible to a diverse audience.  

Science in the Classroom is looking for graduate students, postdocs, and anyone with an advanced graduate degree to help us annotate scientific research papers. We are also looking for expert high school and undergraduate teachers to help us package and present this content in the best way possible.  

For more information on volunteering, fill out the volunteer survey and please also contact us.


Why should I volunteer?

As a Contributor, you will have the opportunity to share your science knowledge with aspiring scientists and to contribute to the enhancement of STEM education by making Science papers accessible to a diverse audience. You will gain valuable science education and communication skills and gain insight into potential careers away from the bench.

Contributors are also mentioned on the Science in the Classroom website.

Who can volunteer?

We are looking for Contributors who are:

  • working on or holding a graduate degree in a science discipline

  • able to understand and interpret the science, methods, and analysis methods used in the paper they select

  • able to translate advanced science writing and terms into language appropriate for an advanced high school or undergraduate level

What is involved?

Volunteers are trained on the basics of science education frameworks and standards, science communication, and the annotation process. Orientation and training take place over Skype or a conference call.

Volunteers should expect to spend about 15 hours writing annotations and accompanying materials, distributed over two months. Annotations should be completed within two months of paper selection. A timeline will be provided to assist in time management. Annotations that are incomplete after two months may not be published.

Science in the Classroom in the news:

In the November 21, 2014 Science Editorial, former Editor-in-Chief Marcia McNutt highlighted volunteer opportunities available through Science in the Classroom.  

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