SitC Lab

Science in the Classroom (SitC) Lab is a collection of papers that have been annotated by students.

These papers are part of ongoing research into best practices for using primary literature to support STEM education.

Some examples of how educators have been using the annotation process to help their students understand STEM concepts and practices include:

  • small groups of undergraduates, led by teaching assistant, annotate a paper as a team during a discussion section for their larger introductory course
  • Master's students, working in teams, annotate a paper relevant to their area of study
  • an advanced high-school class works over the course of a semester to annotate a single paper

To learn more about our research or to get involved, contact our Research Director, Dr. Melissa McCartney ( or visit her website.

Please note: papers in this collection were annotated by non-experts and have undergone an alternate review process. In some cases, they do not include educator guides and were not reviewed by a copyeditor.

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