Climate change

Source: Shadia Fayne Wood

Among hot button scientific issues, climate change stands front and center. For scientists and science advocates, the evidence is clear: anthropogenic climate change —climate change caused by human activity —is happening. Even so, the spread of misinformation in the public continues to prevent crucial political action.

There is scientific consensus that human activities have caused the climate to change in unprecedented, and often dangerous, ways.

This collection offers a record of how consensus was built among the scientific community, starting as early as the 1850s. The papers, policy documents, news articles, and other resources demonstrate the historical evidence and scientific consensus supporting anthropogenic climate change.

Even though scientific consensus has been reached that does not mean that anthropogenic climate change is the final answer, rather it is the starting point that everyone agrees on. Current and future research into climate change aims to refine and better understand this consensus position.

Stay tuned because this collection is growing!


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